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Anton Boyko
Solution architect
Volodymyr Vorobiov
Ruby Developer
Alexey Osipenko
CTO at Cimon
Igor Fesenko
Application Architect
Anton Vidishchev
Software engineer
Markus Leutwyler
Technical Consultant and co-founder at Fablab Winterthu
Oleg Dmitriev
Software Engineer
Nikita Sitnov
CEO&Founder в London English School
Caitlin Krause
Founder & Creative Consultant in Mindwise
Iaroslav Kirilishen
Full Stack developer
Alex Babakhanov
Full Stack developer


Your Browser is your factory
In the old days, you needed millions of dollars, properly trained personnel and tons of complex software and equipment to have your own factory. Today, digital production methods and digital design have destroyed that barrier. Modern web applications and services have transformed web browser into an ultimate tool for design and a gateway to production. You don’t even have to own a laptop, just borrow one.Open the browser and turn your ideas into production ready designs. Use FabLabs or online manufacturing services to build them. It will cost you just a microscopic fraction of an old days price. You see, it is all about your creativity and skills. Now I want to ask you: “Are you ready for a digital production age and mix web technologies with hardware? Are you ready to become a full-metal developer?”
Mobile App - from idea to prototype in 60 minutes with JavaScript
The session will be more in a workshop format. Zero slides (except my contacts and list of useful links) and live coding only. During this workshop, I will show how you can use the power of JavaScript to go super fast from idea to real working prototype only in 60 minutes. We will create a simple, but working app, which will stands for managing all my stuff that I put in my garage. I believe that everyone has a lot of stuff which is not really useful anymore, but with some great memories. I can't throw away my collection edition of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on DVD, but storing tons of those stuff at home can be challenging. The same story is for my winter tires, board games, warhammer miniatures, etc. But storing it in the garage is also not an easy task. I personally spend a lot of time trying to loot the stuff I`m looking for in my garage because I have a gazillion of boxes filled with ancient artifacts from my past. It will be super helpful if I will have a mobile app, which provides me an opportunity to have a list of my boxes with arranged numbers (aka identifiers) and for each box I will also have a list of content located inside. So next time I want to look for something I can go directly to the box I needed. Also, I want to be able to work with this app on my computer using the same authentication approach and managing the same data. During my workshop, I will live code this app in 60 minutes using only JavaScript. I will use Apache Cordova for cross platform mobile app and Microsoft Azure for hosting my API based on NodeJS and express framework. Come and join me, it will be super fun.
Server side rendering react application
Create fast loading SPA with .NET Core and React. Static HTML pages to increase loading speed of an app. Why we switched to Preact and how easy to do this.
Scriptless application
Современные веб-приложения все меньше и меньше похожи на веб и все больше и больше на приложения, а джаваскрипт уже давно перестал быть языком сценариев на странице. Но что если приложения могут быть отзывчивыми и быстрыми без тонн джаваскрипта? Что если приложения могуть быть полностью отрендерены на сервере, а пользователь этого даже не заметит? Что если серверная часть приложения — это все еще часть приложения, а не просто API? Современный джаваскрипт буквально кричит нам о том, что такого невозможно добиться. Я ему не верю и попробую объяснить несостоятельность тоталитарности и монархичности джаваскрипта. Вива ля серверное программирование, друзья!
Power of ASP.NET Core and Node.js Using JavaScript Services
In this talk, I’ll demonstrate how you can: • Seamlessly integrate your server-side code with your client-side code • Code faster: Have your development-time server automatically rebuild TypeScript/LESS/etc in realtime as you edit code, and use Hot Module Replacement (HMR) to sync those updates into your pages instantly without reloading or losing state • Boost performance and SEO: Enable server-side pre-rendering of your Angular4/React components, and optimize the delivery of JavaScript/CSS to the browser • Use features from any NPM package
Мониторинг микросервисов в Azure Service Fabric
As monitoring is crucial for any kind of application, it is always left in a rudimentary state as there are other important business needs, which works OK until something bad happens and nobody knows what to do. For microservices, in some cases things may become even more complicated than they are for SOA. Let's talk about the ways we can monitor microservices using Service Fabric as the example.
Bridge the gap
A human being is equipped with one of the most advanced tools that allows us to communicate our ideas easily. This tool is our ability to learn and use language. But how effectively do we use this tool? Do you think it is possible to bring your business interactions to a brand new level by honing your communication skills? That is the question I have been asking myself and my colleagues and I believe I can share some of my findings with you.
Factory 2.0 Connected Networks: Presence & Mindful by Design Thinking
From real life to virtual worlds, modern presence and learning encompasses adeptness in emerging technologies, combined with curiosity and self-awareness. We are constantly faced with the question of what it means to "be present", and also to be human, even as humans and computers become increasingly connected. We use technology such as virtual and augmented reality, as well as practices in mindfulness and presence, to sharpen awareness, focus, and creativity. We are no longer "cogs in a system", operating in a traditional factory input-output schema. We are connected and inter-related, thriving in a "Factory 2.0" neural network of connections, and many different layers of meaning and context. We can now creatively embrace many interactive methodologies as part of complex learning, using them in ways that support engaging, empathetic, meaningful understanding, context and growth. Best of all, for those of us who are “hacks and hackers”, problem-solvers and designers, we adopt solutions-based approaches that keep our own minds empathetic and flexible. We begin to see, quite truly, that no man is an island. The advantage of a connected mindset, with mindful awareness, is core to design thinking and interrelated systems, with a better world in focus.
Just vue it
Quick overview the marvelous front-end framework called Vue.js with all advantages and disadvantages.
Clean Architecture: From Startup to Enterprise. How Not to Fail With Your Rapidly Growing Web Application.
Я считаю что целью архитектуры программного обеспечения является минимизация человеческих ресурсов, необходимых для создания и поддержания требуемой системы. За час я постараюсь показать как спроектировать архитектуру что бы она была: - Независима от используемого фреймворка - Тестируема - Независима от UI - Независима от баз данных - Независима от любых внешних сервисов Доклад будет полезен backed разработчикам middle и senior уровня

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